Improvisation Classes for Flutists and other Melodic Instrumentalists

For intermediate and advanced instrumentalists focusing on:

  • Improvising in Latin, Latin-jazz, jazz and Flamenco
  • Theory, rhythmic training, motive development, melody creation and grooves

Flute Private Lessons

For intermediate and advanced flutists focusing on:

  • Developing appropriate technique and sound for Latin-jazz, Salsa, Cuban music (charanga) and for flamenco
  • Applying jazz theory to the flute
  • Developing improvisational skills

Rhythm Workshops for all Instrumentalists

This workshop aims to develop rhythmic literacy through the study and practice of important rhythmic concepts in Cuban, Afro-Latin and flamenco music. Even though students will play percussion instruments, the workshop is directed to all instrumentalists. The workshop can be tailored for various ages and levels, from teenagers to adults and from beginners to advance musicians.

Latin Ensemble Workshops

For intermediate or advanced musicians  

Exploring Sound Making

A workshop for elementary school children


I produce/manage musical events for my ensemble, Potaje, and I perform with several Latin and flamenco groups of various sizes.

Composing and Arranging

I am available for commissions to compose original music or to arrange music that falls within my areas of interest and expertise. I have composed for a wide range of ensembles, including symphony orchestra, small chamber groups, various types Latin ensembles, as well as solo piano. I have 25 years of experience writing scores and parts in Finale (music notation software) and by hand before that.